Viva the 90´s / Bodycon Dresses



I was in the mood for a bodycon dress today, and this one reminded me so much of the 90´s ! I even remember a sequence in the Beverly Hills 90210 series of Tori Spelling wearing something similar, for those of you that may share memories from the “cassette era”. lol

Anyway, I don´t usually wear this type of clothing or patterns,  I am go more for the lady like  skirts, pinup curls,solid colors or floral prints rather than psychedelic ones. Plus, the bodycon dress is rather recent in fashion. Even if created in the 90s by Hervé Léger, it found it´s way into the present time and actually had a long happy life. I think it is only now that it´s loosing its popularity a bit. But once in a while I feel like changing. So then I put my hair in a bun, throw on something I wear once or twice a year or not even that and I get out of the same old same old.The reason for  this “mood conversion” today? You´ll laugh. The white sneakers I´m wearing, which you´ll be seeing a lot! I NEVER, and i mean EVER wore sneakers for anything else than working out. This time around I just needed them for long walks, and then I realized they go with so many outfits! I should have taken a picure of my surprized face when realizing sneakers may exist in a vintage lover´s life. lol.

Dress: Asos

Sneakers: Mustang
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long9 long10
long12 long13 long14 long15

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