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I am a total fan of the vintage magazines  and old movies  and sometimes just look at them over and over again to get inspired. Even if I am a vintage lover I get once in a while cut up in the nowdays fashion and though if I may feel good in the moment  it doesn´t take long until I want to get back to my old self again. Usually when that happens I tend to dress from modern to full on retro style  for some days until it fades into a mix between old and new. It´s like a cycle I follow 40´s, 50´s…getting to present fashion and back again. 🙂

Today is one of those days. I´ve been wearing jeans and leggings for some days, felt kind of uninspired and weird until  I saw a sketch of an old design on Internet. Besides we were just finishing this handmade green skirt and as soon as I tried it I had a flash of that midi style with boots and bow shirts. So I completed the look with a very retro curly hairdo and here you have it.

Shirt: Vintage

Skirt: Made In Retro


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