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When I think Vintage I get sensations. Don´t you? It´s like when you listen to a song and it reminds you of summer.. I get that with every decade, every one of them sends me a different vibe. But overall, past years make me think of flowy vaporous fabrics, laces and embroidery.

I found this dress at a vintage fair a while back and I thought it had it all. The beautiful lace upper with long sleeves ends in a v shape on the waist, which is very flattering and makes the torso look longer. It also has a beautiful feather shaped silver piece attached to the front, which gives it a touch of shine and a bit of light to the full black garment.The skirt part on the other hand is the softest chiffon with a semi tulle underskirt. Actually the fabric is so thin that has some imperfections due to the years passing by. I happen to love those things, I believe flaws make clothes have a history behind them. I think that´s one of the things that made me fall in love with vintage in the first place. If you think it´s a problem though when you find something vintage and it has tears or stains,look at the big picture. If the piece has something that worths being recycled, the other parts may be substituted , tinted, or even patched.Have fun with it.

Love to you all, retro babes.

Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo

Dress: Vintage


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