Toddler look

toddler look


The toddler/ baby style is a well known retro trend that comes back once in a while. The best thing is that it’s always so easy to achieve. Short skirts or dresses, a lace or a bow, knee socks just about do it. I didn´t want to take it to far in my case, cause in the end I am not in my early 20´s anymore, 🙂 so I adapted by using darker colors. The dress in particular is my favourite piece, cause even if it has a huge bow it can be removed and used for many other ocasions. So it can convert into an old times little black dress, in case you want to switch it up. I personally, am a total sucker for “polka dot anything”, but just saying, for the ones that want to find different ways of using a piece of clothing. In this case it gives a splash of fun ,being the rest of the outfit so black. If you feel up to it, use colors, it will definetelly make everything look a lot more…young. Especially if you use printed fabrics. Just play with it and try different things until you find the version that makes you feel comfortable.

Dress: Forever 21 (old collection)

Shoes: Vintage



toddler look toddler looktoddler look

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