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Any style you may feel comfortable with may be found in second hand shops. I usually am a vintage shopper overall, but I often find my way into charity stores or flea markets. In time I discovered you can find really special pieces in those places too, especially accessory wise and, once in a while really good vintage garments too. Instead of being more specialized in an era or style like the vintage shops are, thrift places are more of a mix of everything you may think of. And yes, you have to dig a bit more and have a lot of patience, but it’s worth it most of the times.

As I am more of a retro girl, the outfit I put up today  has more of a 70s vibe, but options are limitless.It´s just a matter of mix and match to your closet. Even the shirt you see in the picture can be adapted to a more contemporary style. The bow I put around the neck is just a satin band I added to bring the green in the shirt closer to the color range in the skirt´s print, but can be removed and worn with a blazer and straight pants and  help you put together a very nice office outfit. The skirt, on the other hand can be worn with a simple t-shirt for  nearly every ocasion and look a lot less “old fashioned”.

Usually thrifting gives us the option of having pieces we may need to boost our wordrobe a little bit, for a lot less that usual stores. In my opinion, it´s good for details when you want to stay on budget and still have something “new”. Cause I don´t know about you, but I feel happy everytime I have something I didn´t before, even if it´s second hand or borrowed from a friend. My concept of “new” doesn´t necessarily involve tags on. 🙂

Oh, and as you may see, I changed my hair color, For those who don´t know me, I do that a lot, I don´t think I ever lasted more than 1 year with the same hair. I will soon put some pics on My Instagram for the curious babes. This is a color I had before, a bit bright for now but it tones down into a nice copper. Red shaded have always been the love of my life, I tried them all as you will see. Love to you retro babes! And…

Happy thrifting!

Shirt & Skirt- Flea Market

Boots: H&M

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