Those timeless pearls…


Did you ever think pearls were too “out of date”? Well, I believe it´s all a matter of finding the right ones.Size, color,shape, length is important and can make your look change from  serious to romantic and sweet.Luckily, nowdays pearls come in so many ways it´s almost impossible not to find the ones for you.Cultured or natural, they all have their charm. The day I had a look for myself, I went from almost choosing a three layered freshwater pearl necklace to getting a classic long one. Why? Well. for myself I thought I could give it better use. This type usually has no closure system, so you just wrap it around the way you want. Also,works perfect as a bracelet . Mine are cultured, which is more economic, although it depends, as you have different qualities too. Pay attention to the shine, the shape, if they are well knotted (there is a tiny knot between each pearl, separating them). Also that the knots leave space for the pearls to move, otherwise the necklace will look stiff. I had to re-string mine, so I learned for the future. Lol. Once you find your perfect ones, you won´t be able to live without them.

Till next time, retro babes.



pearl8 pearl7
pearl5 pearl4



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  1. Tähti Syrjala

    Beautiful look! It flows so wonderfully.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of pearls — watching my mother get ready with them, I have a special place in my heart for pearls, and I believe they are the height of refined elegance.

    I adore how you used the pearls in your hair! Wonderful detail ^-^


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