The Garden of Eden must be paved in Royal Blue


Every garment has a history, especially the vintage and retro inspired ones. And if we craft it ourselves, it´s even more special to us.

Some time back I entered on of those fabric shops that´s filled with so many patterns, colors and items in general that you aren´t even able to watch where you´re going. It even took me a while to adjust my eyes to the chaos. And suddenly I saw this amazing blue and gold pattern back in a corner and I imagined it already done in a skirt like the one you see. It kind of reminded me of Gone with the wind and that clothing that “poor” little Scarlet had to make for herself out of some green curtains. I just had to have it! The rest was the hard work of my amazing coleague.Fully handmade in our workshop,it took a bit of time but here it is.

¿Why a lot of time, you would ask? Because not all you see is what you  get. This beauty has an amazing tulle petticoat that even if you can´t really see, gives all the essence to the skirt itself. We paired everything with big blue velvet sunglasses, courtesy, as always of Optimas Vision , a gold and white striped shirt and low heeled golden retro shoes.

Skirt: Made In Retro

Sunglasses: Italy Independent (sold by Optimas Vision)

Shoes & shirt: Vintage.


queen 20




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  1. Cherish

    Love that skirt


    1. madeinretro (Post author)

      Thank you darling! 🙂

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