Socks and sandals

socks and sandalsSocks and sandals defined fashion for a while back in the days. It later moved to socks and heels, oxfords or any type of shoes that still let socks show, being those either short or knee height, simple white, black or printed in cute polka dots or colors. In any way this particular fashion trend made the outfits girly and playful. Some posts back I started trying it out myself. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

This time I chose a vintage romper I thought was so cute because of its unique totally squared shape which allows you to wear it with a belt for a more structured look or without, which makes it a lot more baby like. The print in orange and yellow little flowers is also adorable and the front long zipper makes everything so easy. As for the socks I went for white lace like fabric, the ones our mums used to make us wear as kids. And some bold orange velvet sandals, just to make the trend stand out a bit more because of the contrast of colors.Yellow accessories to finish off the look and my latest love, victory rolls.

Romper : Vintage

Sandals: Zara (old collection)

Socks: Calzedonia (old collection)

Handbad: pre-owned
socks and sandalssocks and sandalssocks and sandalssocks and sandals socks and sandals

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