Shirt Under Dress



Wearing a shirt under a dress is an easy and different way of giving an extra life to your sleeveless garments and also make them more “cold weather friendly”. Besides, if the dress is rather classic or dull you have the power to spice it up by adding a touch of color, laces or buttons just by choosing the right shirt. I chose a cream shirt for undernieth just because if you look closer the dress has cream lines going down. So, although it is a straight black basic dress and  you could get away with almost anything undernieth it, I thought that detail would get lost if I centered the attention on a bright colored shirt,for example.

Nevertheless, this basic off white shirt has its own charm. That half circle flounce it has attaches to the collar with the help of two buttons, so it can be worn on or off, depending on how you want it. It makes a huge difference, I tell you. Without that,the shirt becomes a basic, normal everyday one. I love that kind of details on clothes, it gives you so many options and you don´t have to own several models in the same color. Sometimes they come with the garment, like in this case. Sometimes you can get them separate or, why not, make it yourself? Flounces, collars, laces or embelishments that can be attached to any piece of clothing are an amazing extra to any closet. You can start by having scarfs, for example, which give you many different options as on how to tie them (in a knot, bow, loose) or on where to wear them (as a head band, collar, around the neck , as waistbands) .Then, little by little build up with more out of the ordinary details.

Also, if you are not a shirt fan. you can use turtleneck basics under dresses too, like the H&M or ZARA ones they always have in stock.They will give you a less formal look and you can still play with the colors and pattern as nowdays you have them in so many ways. Your choice. Till next time, retro babes.

Dress & Shirt : Vintage

Glasses: Optimas Vision (Canary Islands based)





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