See through for winter?

Well yes, but only half way. This vintage floral shirt, besides the fact that it´s dark toned, therefor suitable for night or colder season (while color rules are concerned), is also see through only on the sleeves and in the back. The front is lined in a beautiful soft forest green cotton, which makes it perfect for playing dress up in winter.Especially if you work during the day, want to go out later on for a drink and don´t feel like changing clothes. Just throw a cardigan or a jacket on to make it more formal. I used only a coat for these pictures, but you can layer different pieces and play with the colors depending on the ocasion.

I was always rather less enthusiatic in winter regarding styling clothes, but in time I discovered one doesn´t necessarily have to hide undernieth thick sweaters and that certain pieces are pretty versatile all year long.I personally loved the floral print in this vintage shirt and the colors in it remind me of wall paper design. I think I actually mentioned this before, but in case I didn´t – Everything that reminds me of the Victorian age belongs in my closet! 🙂

Shirt: Vintage

Jeans: Mango (Broadway collection)

Shoes: Zara

Coat: Boutique


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