Sailor Navy Pin Up Inspired

Sailor Navy Pinup


Digging in the past treasures I found this gorgeous vintage jumpsuit, which I couldn´t believe had even the belt intact. And right on the spot I thought about those old 40s, 50s pics of pin up girls dressing sailor navy looks. Well, this one is a bit different; usually those outfits included dresses or fitted shorts, even caps at times, but the idea is there. The colors,the details on the cuffs, the golden buttons, the wide belt…I just added some pearl/gold old clips and white stilettos . At some point I wished this was a bit tighter, either at the shirt part or the legs, but then I also thought it´s a fact I don´t ever dress exactly to fit into a specific era or look. I always have to switch something up. 🙂 I did find suited to keep practicing on my Victory Rolls for the ocasion though. I even think I am getting a bit better at it. The more you try, the more tips you find. Maybe I should cover that subject in a future post ?

Jumpsuit: Vintage

Clips & Shoes: old



Sailor Navy Pinup
Sailor Navy Pinup
Sailor Navy Pinup Sailor Navy Pinup



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