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I saw a black pencil skirt a while ago, I think it was a Zara one, and my mind was set on having one. It just felt so basic for any closet. Sadly, I have that kind of luck that makes you not find your size, or forget your wallet at home and get that typical “Aww, we just sold the last Medium.Sorry!” when you come back, or find it but in the exact colors you don´t want. So, after the lovely experience of missing that one too, I decided I should start designing and sewing things I can´t find in the shops or are not  currently sold because they are not in style. A short story of Made In Retro basically.

So I had this skirt on my list for a long time now, and we finally have it. This one is made in Poplin, I just like it better because it´s a bit stiffer so it doesn´t wrinkle when you move nor moves upwards on the hips. On thinner fabrics, if the garment is fitted you kind of have to pull the skirt down once in a while. It´s really comfortable and ready for every ocasion.Plus it´s black, so it goes with everything. I styled it a bit more office ready maybe this time, but would look great combined with  something less formal too, like say, a turtleneck. This length is more for heels, I am thinking on a shorter one next so it can be also worn with flats, and maybe more colors too. Hope you like it. 🙂

Skirt: Made In Retro. You can buy or order a custom made one here.

Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry (Orgasmy in red)

Shirt: Vintage

Stockings: Calzedonia

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