Jumpsuits- A retro sweetheart


I went all retro today from the gold details in the glasses and earings to this gorgeous branch pattern wide leg jumpsuit. I just hunted this piece down in a vintage shop and actually didn´t look as great on the hanger, but I fell in love with the turtleneck upper and the comfort the synthetic lightweight fabric gives. Plus, it just zips up, no headaches or loss of time. 🙂

Besides, I am in a bright red phase theese days, and the print just reminded me so much of the old Japanese ones reminiscent of the cherry trees. I know, I am so sick  of the winter that I may  see blooming trees  where there is none? lol. Anyways, I just thought it was cute and simple and easy to wear when you´re in a rush and want to go comfortable. I have several jumpsuits in all styles but never found one quite like this here.

Jumpsuit & Belt – Vintage

Glasses- Pierre Cardin

Sneakers- Mustang


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