High collar shirts & ball skirts



Until the weather gets too hot I really wanted to feature this outfit. The ball skirt,a beautiful Frank Usher vintage, could be easilly worn during the summer season too, because it´s made in very sheer chiffon ;so although it´s black and layered, gives good options for the whole entire year. This shirt I found some time back though, it´s more of a spring/autumn item. The burgundy tone, plus the really high collar just inspires…coldness?? It´s funny cause after I did the pictures I realized it kind of looked like a Disney bad character, because of the shirt. Of course the entire look, with the wide belt, the makeup and hair finished the job. And even though it wasn´t that my intention in the first place, I really like  how it ended up looking witchy 🙂

Skirt: Vintage-Frank Usher

Shirt: Vintage -Unknown brand

Stilettos: Marypaz




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