Floral vintage dress


New find in Vintage Paradise. I finally got my hands on a dress that reminds me of my childhood. I can almost see the women in my family chatting in the house around the kitchen table dressed in these floral vintage garments. It´s funny how colors, prints, patterns can evoque such vivid memories.These were the usual casual outfits back then, even if you were just staying  around the house. Actually, I remember  women used to dress for a “just in case”situation, cause even if you had no plans you either ended up in a neighbour’s house for a coffee, got a visit at your own place, or some friend knocked on your door to invite you for a walk. Such a difference with nowdays, that we actually send messages and need time to get ready for going out. Plus we never just walk. lol.

But I am losing focus on the subject. Usually these dresses were buttoned, mostly at the front, had big pockets and a fabric soft belt, almost like a robe does. The one you see here is buttoned at the back, which is a bit different and unfortunatelly ended up without a belt so I  used a thin one I had. The pockets are there, wonderfull by the way, I like this type much more than the usual side ones. Something else I like? The sleeves, a bit longer that the usual short ones we’re used too, and pleated on the shoulder. And last but not least, the fabric is also as I remember these dresses to be like, made in Rayon, which by the way is very present in my closet in a lot of garments at the moment. I love the weight and the movement of this fabric, the colors usually don´t ever fade, it´s easy to iron and dries in no time when washed. Basically, it lasts you a life time. As for the rest, I used some basic flat slippers I found in a local shop. I wasn´t crazy about the shape, but thought they looked cute because of the flower pattern. And kind of saw them with this floral vintage dress, comfortable all together.

Hope you like it, retro babes.

Floral Dress-Vintage

Slippers- Mustang


floralvintage2floralvintage5floralvintage4 floralvintage1

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  1. Tahti

    These photos are so beautiful! I love the one of you on the stairs…

    1. Laurentia E.E. (Post author)

      Aww…thank you sweetie.


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