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Back in with a new addiction…to coats. Which has its explanation this winter, as for now i am living in Madrid.  And although it´s Spain and Spain equals gorgeous weather in general in everyone´s minds, Madrid in particular has not a kind winter.

As i was writing in the previous post, I´ve learned in time that you can play with certain items in your wardrobe the whole year, no matter the weather, by layering. But obviously, in winter that requires …coats. The thicker, the better, as you can wear almost anything undernieth. And also considering that nowdays all indoor places have the heating almost up to a melting point, it´s probably a good idea to do just that. Now, because my style is more vintage i tend to look for everything in , of course, vintage stores. Luckily though, this year retro style is very in so you could find this type of outwear almost anywhere. I saw very similar ones in Mango, Zara and all huge companies. And I would have probably went for one of those, if I didn´t happen to find this gorgeous color one in a second hand shop, by chance. This is by Asos,so not vintage, but couldn´t tell you what season either, and in perfect condition. Length is perfect to make it go either with trousers or dresses, waist belt in the same fabric, plus the beautiful thick faux fur collar.¿ What else can make a coat more elegant?

Down side to buying second hand clothing? You have to clean it yourself. At least in Spain, vintage stores get all their items restored and dry cleaned. But not second hand ones. Coats and suits especially need to be dry cleaned and sometimes it costs you more than the actual garment. In case you want an alternative option, if they look like they don´t need it, you can make sure they are perfect with the help of a bit of ammonia in water and a brush. As for faux fur, I always brush it also with a bit of softner. And if it´s not too expensive or you are not the person that would cry over a ruined new buy, wash it in a hand wash short cycle, no spin and cold water, with a lot of softner. That will prevent the fiber from shrinking or lose the shape, especially if it´s wool.

Coat: Asos

Boots: Marypaz

Earings: Vintage clips

faux fur fauxfur5

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