Circle Collection-One Size Tulle Skirt

tulle petticoat

Tulle skirts are apparently very in right now. We are seeing them on the street in casual outfits,on the runways, in magazines. They come in all lengths, colors and shapes. We too started with the tulle idea not so long ago, when we sew a different design of longer skirt with flounces, kind of like the old underskirts. In case you missed it, you can check it here. Funny thing it was the same range of color as the one above,a violet tone,just a deeper shade and a more rigid fabric.

This time around, as it´s  spring already :), and pastels seemed much more appropiate we chose  lavander and a softer tulle to create more movement. But most of all a different shape, for several reasons.

-One, it´s much easier to combine and play with. This shape either long or short goes with leather jackets, turtlenecks, t-shirts and all kind of shirts and blouses.

-Two, it´s simpler so doesn´t claim the entire attention over it and lets the rest of the outfit shine also. A more elaborated design, with this fabric,steals completely the eye, so looks a lot better with more,let´s say, plain complements.

And last but not least, it´s for every size. As it´s a circle tulle skirt the hips are a free size, and the waist is completely elastic. It was something we intended to do, we like free sized garments cause we like freedom of sizes. 🙂 It´s always a pain having to stop wearing a garment because it doesn´t fit anymore, even if it´s for one simple size. And it´s a pain when something doesn´t sit well because the design may be to rigid and half sizes are hard to find.

Tulle skirt: Made In Retro (shop)

Shirt- Boutique

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  1. Tahti

    This colour is gorgeous on you! I love the futuristic fabric with the classic shape.

    1. Laurentia E.E. (Post author)

      Thank you so much and thank you for the feedback. Always love to see what you guys think to be able to improve. 🙂

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