Circle Collection/ “Femme” tulle skirt

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And we keep on sewing tulle skirts…:) Why? Because they are flirty, fun and just out of the ordinary. And speaking about out of the ordinary, as soon as I put this outfit together I felt it should come with some kind of message. And what best that women empowerment for a strong skirt like this? So we named this third part Circle Collection item Femme. Also lined in satin, but made in stiffer, thicker tulle that its companion you saw in the latest posts (which you can check again here) Also in a deeper, more popping color, it´s meant to claim even more attention. A lot fuller, less movement makes this tulle skirt have a personality of its own.It´s the  kind of garment you have to wear, not let it wear you. So ladies, get your inner “femme” out, be confident,strong and happy. Whoever you are, let it show. Embrace what makes you be you.Your size, your style or whatever you may see as “different” in yourselves. That thing at times you may have been criticized for, or laughed at, or just talked about. I know first hand how it is to struggle with body image and even personality. Either what you see or  what you hear leads you sometimes to doubting your own self. Well,nothing is as important as what YOU think and feel, aside from public opinion. You are your only master, rules and standards in fashion continuelly change and are made to be broken and your way of living has to pursue your own happiness. So set your own standars, follow your own rules:)

That being said, I leave you until the next post with a huge hug and a double kiss.

Tulle skirt- Made In Retro

Stockings- Calzedonia

Top- Wrapped scarf .

circle tulle skirt 5
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